Melbourne Travel Guide – Things To Do In Melbourne

Discover things to do in Melbourne, Australia. In this complete Melbourne city guide, we will walk you through some of our favourites restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, events and festivals in Melbourne.

Our Things To Do In Melbourne Food & Travel Guide is dedicated to providing honest, detailed and accurate local information on what to do in Melbourne. Our reviews and recommendations are based on personal experiences.

Here’s our recommended things to do in Melbourne.

Melbourne Cafes

  • Operator 25
  • Sir Charles
  • Vincent The Dog
  • Lune Croissanterie

Melbourne Desserts

  • Satu Produk Durian
  • Mick’s Place

Melbourne Restaurants

  • The Grand BBQ (Chinese)
  • Tina’s Noodle Kitchen (Chinese)
  • The Grand Trailer Park Taverna (Western)
  • Palsaik (Korean)
  • Joomak (Korean)
  • Menya (Japanese)

Melbourne Nightlife

  • Spice Market
  • Alumbra

Melbourne Accommodation

What’s On Melbourne (Arts & Culture)

  • Indonesian Film Festival
  • BTS Concert
  • Beast Concert

Things To Do In Melbourne

Start exploring, city walkers!