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Time Magazine Mobile App: The Age Of Digital Journalism

June 15, 2016
Our reading habits have subsequently changed due to technology. With its new mobile app, TIME Magazine restores journalism's glory in this digital age.

Journalism is dead.

An argument we all know too well at this digital age. Our reading habits have subsequently changed since the 19th century, and especially so with the rapid growth of technology. Whatever good for our fathers is no longer good enough for us. But is quality journalism gone for good?

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Our reading habits have subsequently changed due to technology. With its new mobile app, TIME Magazine restores journalism's glory in this digital age.

The Rise Of Digital Publication

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “citizen journalism”. It is now much more accessible and affordable for anyone, with or without the background knowledge, experience, capabilities and ethics, to write and have their stories distributed across time and space.

For the same reason, quality and reliable pieces are easily drowned within the noise. I’m not saying the articles written by the nonprofessionals are of poor quality. Admittedly, some are a pleasure to read. Some others might provide the information we look for. However, as the big players and professionals in the industry enter the paperless domain, we can be assured that quality journalism still has a long way to go.

A quality read, in my opinion, refers to intelligent work, which is able to touch one’s curious pulses with its wilful paradox and mirror-like reflection of one’s morality and life, stimulating the echoes of one’s own intellectual views with an added music of passion and youth. I have only a few publications I stick to ever since High School for when I’m in the mood for passionate stories and sincere ideas of more value than the pleasure of unraveling mysteries, amongst which are TIME Magazine, National Geographic, and Penguin Books.

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TIME Magazine Mobile Application

When I heard about TIME Magazine‘s shift to digital platform, I was pretty excited to have quality journalism back in my life. The growth of digital publishing has shifted the focus of quality from an intellectual and stimulating piece to a convenient bite-sized article, focusing on minimal design and beautiful pictures. I, like many others, have grown lazy due to the convenience it offers and fell for its superficial content.

Why carry bulky bags when all we need is a light smartphone? Why spend more on storage when we can have it all stored in one small device to read whenever, wherever? On top of that, having read a lot of journals for university assignments also makes me want to read only for pleasure. Full time work schedule and other distractions often hold me back from picking up quality journalism in my free time, too. So, if by shifting to digital platform we could save time, money and energy, why not?

But discovering TIME’s mobile application reminds me that besides being enjoyable, reading should also be educational and stimulate growth. It reminds me how a publication should be passionately published with in-depth and factual analysis of what is happening in the world. It should leave one feeling richer and motivate growth and self-development. We have no more excuses to remain ignorant.

TIME publishes localised versions specific for the different areas around the globe. For instance, Australian subscribers would receive the South Pacific edition, which focuses on topics that are relevant to their locations. Its new mobile application aims to provide a unique, immersive and 3 dimensional reading experience. In my opinion, it indeed provides convenience and acts as an interactive platform where users are in control of their reading experience. Users are able to discover other versions of the magazines and choose the type of subscriptions that suit them.

Though, I wouldn’t go as far as describing the experience as unique. There are many others before it that have jumped into online publications. Nevertheless, my experience using the app so far is good. I like the audio interface, which could serve as a differentiating point and enriches the reading experience. The application itself is straightforward and the tutorial at the beginning was helpful. It required some time for me to get used to, but after understanding the different function buttons the application is quite easy to use.

I also love the convenience and accessibility the mobile application provides. For someone who travels and moves a lot like me, it is very convenient as no extra baggage is needed. There were cases when I had to leave the bookstores overseas disappointed as my choice was limited to locally popular women’s magazines and poor quality romance novels. To think that I don’t have to go through flights flipping those again…


Quality Journalism At Discounted Price

I’d say what I love most about the new TIME Magazine mobile application is the 65% off subscription offer that is available until 30 June 2016. I know most would see this as a marketing act but.. in the name of journalism, don’t you think it’s the time to restore journalism’s glory? Now that quality journalism is just a click away, and at a discounted price, who dare says quality journalism is dying?

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