Things To Do In Samarinda

One of the best bakso (Indonesian style beef meatballs) in Samarinda, Borneo. Must try!

Discover what to do in Samarinda, Indonesia. In this complete Samarinda city guide, we will walk you through some of our favourites restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, events and festivals in Samarinda.

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Here’s our recommended things to do in Samarinda.

Samarinda Cafes

  • Tre Cipolle
  • Troef Coffee
  • Dunamos Cafe
  • BonCafe Steak & Ice Cream

Samarinda Restaurants

Samarinda Accommodation

  • Bumi Senyiur Hotel Samarinda
  • Aston Hotel & Convention Centre Samarinda
  • HARRIS Hotel Samarinda

What’s On Samarinda (Arts & Culture)

  • Museum Samarinda

Things To Do In Samarinda

  • Hunt Traditional Banjar Cuisine
  • Taste Local Seafood Dishes
  • Visit Kampung Nasi Kuning

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