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6 Things We Learned From Saranghaeyo Indonesia 2016

October 15, 2016
If you were wondering what I was up to in Jakarta last weekend.. I was covering my very first event in Indonesia, Saranghaeyo Indonesia 2016.

Covering my first event in Indonesia wasn’t like anything I had experienced or expected. Here’s what I learned about NELL, Akdong Musician, and BIGBANG’s Taeyang in Saranghaeyo Indonesia 2016 concert in Jakarta.

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Find out about the amazing time we had spending Saturday night with NELL, Akdong Musician, and Bigbang's Taeyang at Saranghaeyo Indonesia Concert 2016 on Jakarta, Indonesia. We had fun getting to know them better, too!

This past Saturday evening NELL, Akdong Musician, and Taeyang were all in Jakarta for the 2016 “Saranghaeyo Indonesia” concert and we were lucky enough to be in attendance.

The show was, of course, epic but most importantly we were able to learn some new things about the special artists in attendance.

Since you can never know too much about your faves, we wanted to share our learnings with all of you. Without further ado, here are the six things we learned about the artists:

1. Akdong Musician are so adorably sweet and bubbly in real life.


When they saw BIGBANG’s yellow crown sticks, they joked that they would stop singing so their sunbaenim Taeyang could sing sooner rather than later. Of course, all the Taeyang fans in the audience shouted for them to stay on stage. YG Family love!

2. NELL learned to communicate with fans through Google Translator.


Vocalist Kim Jong Wan admitted that he tried using Google Translator to communicate with Indonesian fans. He used it to learn how to say “thank you” in Indonesian, but was so terrible at it that he just couldn’t bring himself to say it on stage. We’d love to hear it next time, Jong Wan!

3. “I’m here by myself just for you.”


We all know how sweet Taeyang can be. He always pays extra attention to his fans,  and this time he definitely made everyone in the room jealous of the girl who caught the doll he kissed. Taeyang coming to Indonesia solo essentially granted fans a one-on-one date with him – serenading us with sweet words and songs on a intimate stage. He also showed us how fun it’d be to party him through an amazing BIGBANG medley.

4. Akdong Musician can sing pretty much anything.


The duo is just superb at singing. Remember these cover of “Eyes, Nose, Lips”? This time they covered a song by the Indonesian band Mocca. Fans in attendance, was it even better than the original?

5. Lee Jung Hoon and Chanhyuk are fast learners.


NELL bass guitarist Lee Jung Hoon and AKMU’s Chanhyuk were not as shy as Kim Jong Wan with their Indonesian and even picked up some slang last night. They were able to smoothly tell fans “Keren banget, aku cinta kamu,” which translates to “you’re so cool, I love you” and of course everyone went wild!

6. Taeyang is the whole package.


From the sexy hip thrusts to his sweet falsetto…. Our hearts almost couldn’t take it. Taeyang, oh, Taeyang! Why are you so perfect? His performances were always on point and he never, ever missed a note or a beat. He also promised to bring the rest of BIGBANG back to Indonesia soon – fingers crossed!

PS. Thank you Johnny and Courtney for the opportunity! And girls.. start pinning the images and spread the love if you agree with what we listed!


Photo Credit: Mecima Pro

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