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Chinese Style Engagement: Attending Jeffry & Dina’s Sangjit

September 21, 2016

Photos from cousin’s Chinese engagement ceremony. Also, a little bit information on Chinese traditional engagement ceremony also known as sangjit.

What is Sangjit?

Sangjit is an engagement ceremony where the groom’s side would present “tributes” to the bride’s. It is one of the wedding processions in Chinese culture, which is generally done after one’s proposal and before the wedding ceremony.

The procedures might slightly differ however, most sangjit would include the following etiquette: the groom and his family would visit the bride’s to hand over the “tributes” in sequence – usually starting from items for the bride’s parents; and a lunch gathering with loved ones. No joyous occasion would be complete without yummy delicacies, right?

Check out how to prepare and dress right for sangjit here.

Photo Credit: MainArtPhotographychinese-engagement-sangjit-6

Ko Jeffry & Ce Dina’s Engagement

These are the photos of my cousin’s sangjit by MainArtPhotography. Happy engagement, Ko Jeffry and Ce Dina! View details of my oufit and some tips to dress up for Chinese invitations here.

chinese-engagement-sangjit-4chinese-engagement-sangjit-5 chinese-engagement-sangjit-1 chinese-engagement-sangjit-11 chinese-engagement-sangjit-10 chinese-engagement-sangjit-9 chinese-engagement-sangjit-8 chinese-engagement-sangjit-2

So.. Do you understand the Chinese style engagement tradition now? Do you have a memorable sangjit experience you want to share?

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Till next time, city walkers!


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