New Hair: Pink & Purple Ombré

August 15, 2016

Here’s to another wish off the list. Next up: Ice Blue Ombré and Lob style hair.

This is something I’ve put off for way too long for so many reasons. This is only happening thanks to the courageous and determined sister. Thank you, Nia!


Pink Purple Ombré Hair-15

I had previously done Balayage – a fancy French way of saying ombré at Toni & Guy Melbourne Central, and unintentionally ended up with Song Hyegyo’s hairstyle before Descendants of the Sun became a thing. I wanted to gain back my natural colour and start treating my hair right. Though I love how sweet and simple it looks, I wanted a change.


Pink Purple Ombré Hair-1

My biggest fear was the damage bleaching’s gonna do to my ever so thin hair. Truth be told, I wanted to do a platinum grey base (hint: 2NE1 CL’s hair) with ice blue to top it off more than this pink and purple ombré. But.. ice blue ombré would take 6-8 hours work. So, this would have to do for now.

Pink Purple Ombré Hair-7

Anyway, I’m glad I went on with it. It’s not as bad as I had imagined.

Pink Purple Ombré Hair-4

Cheers to a better, fearless us! Watch us march on challenging many more things that scare us in the future, too!

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