Nomz Kitchen & Pastry Jakarta BTS

June 11, 2017

Behind the scene (BTS) photos of our shoot at Nomz Kitchen & Pastry at Grand Indonesia East Mall, Jakarta.

Nia and I were in Jakarta a couple months back. We love having our lovely cousin, Maria Felicity’s company.  Since we always hang in a family friendly setting, we love the change.

Not only I love the smell of freedom, I’m really glad we got to spend the time together. Just us.

Nomz Review BTS Photos

I couldn’t forget about the Nomz Kitchen & Pastry Jakarta Baileys Eclair (IDR 38k). That’s where we headed before meeting the rest of the crew (her brothers) to chill over Ramen and Pat Bing Soo (Korean Shaved Ice Dessert), and Soju cocktail. But that’s a story for another time.

I’ve prepared a series of photos from our BTS shoot for our Nomz Jakarta review. Hope you love funny faces. That’s all you’ll see in this post.

And our effort to be a pro food blogger, model, photographer. Please, don’t judge us.

These are the photos that didn’t make it.

Oh, we had so much fun. You can read the full review of Nomz Jakarta here.

Find out what to order. And share it with your friends.

Till next time, city walkers!


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