My List

A constantly evolving and growing list of things I want to do in the near future.


Attend a zumba studio class
Attend body combat class once a week for a month
Practice pilates once a week for a month


Eliminate fried foods for a week
Eliminate sugary food, dessert and cakes for a week
Sleep 6 hours a day for a week
Go for a massage


Travel solo by plane (Sep 2014)
Travel to South Korea (Apr 2012)
Travel to Japan (Jul 2016)
Visit friends in Singapore (Apr 2017)
Spend New Year with siblings (Dec 2016)
Climb Mount Bromo, Indonesia
Climb Mount Fuji, Japan
See the Northern Lights


Donate all old belongings
Have a minimal lifestyle
Have Taylor Swift haircut
Meet people and build network
Work on my patience
Become more loving towards my parents
Save 300 dollars a month
Own and decorate a home office
Own an house


Learn conversational Korean
Learn to create fashion illustrations
Learn about fashion PR
Become proficient in Adobe Photoshop
Know how to really use my Fujifilm X-T1


Get a job in media/advertising agency
Make 1,000 dollars a month through freelance writing
Attend and review beauty and fashion events
Interview my favorite creatives in person (preferably Bigbang, Shinhwa, Kim Junsu or Eric Nam)
Own my own fashion label
Attend and review a Westlife concert


Revamp and update blog pages
Make blog posts Pinterest friendly
Make blog posts SEO friendly
Publish 3 posts a week for a month
Get 5,000 views in a month (Jun 2016)
Get 10,000 views in a month
Make 100 dollars a month through blogging
Make 1,000 dollars a month through blogging
Open an Etsy shop
Sell logo designs, invitations and printable arts
Sell stock photos for food and travel bloggers

Social Media

Get 2,000 followers on Instagram (@lyasusanto) (Oct 2016)
Get 5,000 followers on Instagram (@lyasusanto)
Get 1,000 followers on Instagram (@thecitywalker_)
Get 1,000 followers on Pinterest
Get 100 followers on Facebook Page (Oct 2016)
Get 200 followers on Facebook Page
Get 100 followers on Tumblr
Get 150 followers on Twitter

Arts & Cultural Experiences

K-Pop concerts: DBSK (2006), Kim Junsu (Mar 2015), Bigbang (Oct 2015), Shinhwa
Go to a Westlife concert (Oct 2011)
See Ed Sheeran live (Dec 2015)
Go to John Mayer concert
Sing along to Kodaline live
See Eric Nam live


Last updated: 28 Oct 2016