Point Lonsdale: Melbourne Weekend Getaway

November 4, 2015

Reminiscing our most recent road trip to Point Lonsdale makes me crave for more adventures around the wonderfully beautiful town. Check out the photos of our travel below.

I could stare at these shades of blue all day everyday, forever.


If I had a license, I’d drive you insane with heaps beautiful, calming gradients of blue every single day. You can look forward to it because driving around Melbourne is on top of my priority list!

These snaps from my phone really do not do the serene view justice.

Point Lonsdale Point Lonsdale Point Lonsdale

I believe in giving credit where it’s due, hence I’d like to use this opportunity to acknowledge and introduce these deserving individuals for their kind friendship and support. You may notice that some of them have come up several times in my posts, it’s time you know more about them and what incredible souls they are.

Let’s get started…

Point Lonsdale Pier


On contrary to popular belief, Aulia is one humorous and outgoing lady. You gotta love her for her creative and quality jokes, which are unfortunately deteriorating thanks to Egadhana!

Point Lonsdale Pier


I have so much to say about this one beautiful, independent and dependable lady. Her goals, positive nature and open-mindedness are truly inspiring. She’ll always be that one valuable friend who I’d turn to when it comes to exploring raw, honest and passionate sentiments about life and anything under the sun.

Point Lonsdale Pier


Everyone has that one friend who appears quiet and shy when he/she is the complete opposite. This fellow black sesame ice-cream lover is the source of our daily dose of dad jokes.

Point Lonsdale Pier


This lovely lady is always so prim and proper, sweet and elegant. She does everything wholeheartedly, speaks with kindness and sincerity, always full of love and glee. One fine woman, indeed.

Point Lonsdale Pier


Beware when you see this one! When he isn’t driving, taking photos or changing light bulbs, he’s busy studying at the Hogwash School of Warcraft and Puntastic Wizardry double majoring in the Science of Exasperation, and the History and Philosophy of No Sense Studies. I once wondered why he didn’t study Astronomy instead, considering his love for it, but we all know he’d only be taking up space. Get it, get it? Never mind.

Point Lonsdale Pier


It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one bubbly fashionista is an idol in the chauffeur’s world. Ever so trendy and full of ideas, Rudy is our multi-talented cook, driver and stylist who always promises a good time especially when put together with Reagan, his fellow multi-functional driver and number one fan.

Point Lonsdale PierPhoto Credit: Bianca Winataputri 


I’m being entirely honest when I say I haven’t met anyone with such a distinct fresh out of the fairy tale nature – anyone as sweet, carefree and dreamy as this beauty. It’s hard to not adore her pure heart and delightfully contagious smiles. If it weren’t for her chronic gag really, she’d be the epitome of a real life Disney Princess. But what can I say? Life is fair, people.

Point Lonsdale Pier

Our journey together might be a short one, but it has been greatly incredible and enjoyable. Thank you for the wonderful memories, guys! And cheers to more adventures to come!

Point Lonsdale PierPoint Lonsdale Pier

Photo Credit: Reagan Kurniadwiputra Susanto

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