What Living In Indonesia Is Like

August 6, 2016

It’s hard for others to imagine when I said I’m busy, or when having no wi-fi at home is a pain. This is what living in Indonesia is like for me – my routine from Monday to Saturday.

6 AM

Since it takes almost an hour from home to my work place.. My day starts here.

8 AM

Work work work work work. Earlier part of the day focuses on delivery, logistics and reports.

2 PM

Out to grab a quick bite after running errands and managing work related stuff. Then, back to the most saturated time of the day at work. Note: usually found asleep during car rides.

8 PM

Usually by this time I’d finish with work, and would have dinner at about 9. Though, some days (usually early and end of month) I would still be at the office rushing reports and checking employee’s admin work such as sales records, purchasing orders, delivery orders and accounts hours later.

10 PM

Reach home after dinner. The time when everything else that needs to be done (like chores) is done. I rarely have enough energy for everything else by this time of the day.

12 AM

I usually make use of this time to draft content in bullet points, and schedule them for the blog using phone. Otherwise, I’d fall asleep reading the piled up group conversation I missed during the day. Though I could run out of 3G data and would completely be out of social media world for weeks, and pick up some reading instead.

Thank God, there’s Sunday where I get to refresh and ready myself for another week of dramas.

At the end of the day..

My uncommon way of thinking have probably led me to more misunderstandings than I could imagine.

May be it’s true that I’ve been placing more significance in my work than friends.. Or may be it’s because I’m constantly surrounded by people 24/7 and long so hard for some quality me time that I am shutting myself from the world.. Or perhaps I’m just too exhausted by all the dramas that I feel increasingly lesser about everything everyday – losing the will to connect with anyone and adding unnecessary drama to my life.

Reflecting about it this way, I feel ashamed for always being too caught up with my own life and priorities. Even so, I still shamelessly miss chatting and laughing away comfortably with friends who are more like family in Singapore – those I’m completely comfortable being myself with. I miss being with friends with shared interests in Melbourne. I miss living in a stimulating city that’d inspire and motivate me to do better in areas that I want, areas that I love.

But.. there is nothing I could do besides trying to figure the ways to getting my happy, chatty and sociable self back. While I do that, could you please be patient with me?

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