Historica Coffee & Pastry, Surabaya

October 21, 2016

Beautiful combination of retro and modern setting. Good food. High quality coffee. Historica Coffee & Pastry is my favourite hangout when in Surabaya.

All Day Breakfast

It’s been a while since my last brunch. And it’s probably gonna be another while to the next brunch session. So I was mega glad Historica Coffee & Pastry in Surabaya didn’t disappoint.

Many people would disagree with me when I say Eggs Benedict is a good brunch menu to order. Mostly because it is the most basic, simple and common item on the list. Boring. Common. Not impressive. Try something else. That’s what they say.

Well.. I did feel the same. I always feel like it’s only right to try something new. To try something that scares me. To challenge myself and try new experiences. So there are numerous times where I pressured myself to give other items on the menu a chance.

But, you know what? I never regret the times when I decided to go back to basic and order myself an Eggs Benedict. I mean you can never go wrong with Eggs Benedict – it almost become a personal benchmark when reviewing restaurants. There I said it.

Historica does Eggs Benedict quite well. I like how it’s served overall. Though the hollandaise sauce was a little too buttery for me and the poached egg and dry asparagus couldn’t compare to Melbourne’s, it was still one of the best and most affordable Eggs Benedict I’ve had in Indonesia. Guilty pleasures that is worth the price isn’t easy to come by. Especially in Indonesia.

Eggs Benedict (Rp 45k) / Latte (IDR 50k)

Cappuccino (IDR 40k) / Latte (IDR 50k)

Industrial Setting With A Historical Touch

Historica Coffee & Pastry is open from 7AM till midnight serving all day breakfast and coffee that is certainly better than Starbucks. The cafe decor reminds me of a typical Melbourne cafe concept. The cafe utilize modern industrial warehouse space and combines it with a touch of history by using dark colours and wood. The monochromatic interior, clean concrete walls and industrial decorations work are well blended with the cafe’s vintage touch and brand identity.

Overall, the space is cosy. There are sofas around, making it a perfect hangout place. Or even business meetings. There are outdoor seating areas, too. Ideas on how to spend lazy Sunday, I reckon?

Personally, I like how they decorate the cafe with roasting space and coffee brewing equipment. Besides emphasizing Historica’s dedication to coffee, it subconsciously hinting visitors that Historica is a place coffee enthusiast can’t miss. I also heart how the cosy and mostly quiet space is perfect to catch up with work.

The Instagram famous space

Cosy Hangout, Affordable Food & Quality Coffee

Overall, Historica Coffee & Pastry is a trendy hangout place for you and your friends to chill on the weekends. Besides being a cosy venue for business meetings and work, the cafe is Instagram worthy, too. There are ample photo space to show off your outfits on Instagram – if that’s what you are after. And this is the place to go if you are looking for Instagramable food and coffee to impress your Instagram followers without breaking the wallet.

So.. What do you think? Does Historica Surabaya sounds like something you’d love to try? Does it sound like the perfect eat like a local place for your daily coffee when in Surabaya? Let me know your experience if you have been there, too.

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Here’s my rating.

The Verdict
Food: 3 out of 5
Service: 3 out of 5
Value: 3 out of 5
Ambience: 3 out of 5
Overall score: 3 out of 5
Historica Surabaya
Address: Jl. Sumatra No. 40, Gubeng, Surabaya
Contact: +62 31 5033 003
Opening Hours: Everyday (7AM to 11PM)

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