Itadakimasu Surabaya: Cute Japanese Panda Rice

February 26, 2016
A cute popular Japanese restaurant known for its Starving Panda Curry Rice and Taiyaki has opened in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Cute popular Japanese restaurant known for its Starving Panda Curry Rice and Taiyaki has extended its wings to Surabaya. Well known for its adorable food and setting in Jakarta, Itadakimasu Surabaya is set to be another trending hang out place. Or so I thought.

Ever since I returned to Indonesia a couple of months back, I haven’t had much chance to gleefully commute and leisurely walk around my beloved homeland. All the activities I heart doing in my free time.

So, though it was short and I didn’t get to explore much, I was thrilled to have squeezed in a visit to the much raved Japanese adorable food chain when I was in Surabaya a couple of weeks ago.

Itadakimasu Surabaya


Having seen plenty kawaii and appetizing teddy bear and panda rice photos on Instagram, I couldn’t help but to have high expectations especially since it has been some time since my last makan cantik session. My experience at Itadakimasu, however fell rather short.

Though Itadakimasu’s setting and décor certainly reflect its effort in conceptualizing its brand, the whole ambience seems lacking and is nonetheless different from what I’m used to. Thankfully, friendly and attentive service staff made up for the lack of comfort and made our dining experience more enjoyable.

Itadakimasu SurabayaItadakimasu SurabayaItadakimasu Surabaya Panda Rice

Is The Cute Panda Rice Worth It?

While there are a variety of desserts available such as Taiyaki and Cotton Candy Ice Cream, the choices for Mains were limited. But what is most disappointing isn’t the limited menu offered but the food itself. Starving Panda Curry Rice was the ultimate disappointment.

The panda rice was really tough and hard to chew. Our guess is it’s been prepared way before hand and wasn’t properly stored. The curry was mediocre too. Sleeping Panda Omu Rice was the better choice. It’s sad to say that the dishes were nothing like we’d imagined.

Itadakimasu Surabaya TaiyakiItadakimasu Surabaya TaiyakiItadakimasu Surabaya

Though initially I was skeptical, the Taiyaki were surprisingly delicious and weren’t as sweet as I had expected. The Egg Custard and Green Tea immediately become my favourites. For the drinks, I enjoyed the Melon Yakult while my brother was disappointed with his Green Tea Latte that was too milky and powdery for our preference.

Over all, we’d only recommend Itadakimasu for its visuals, decent desserts and friendly service.

So.. What do you think? Does Old Hen Coffee Bar sounds like something you’d love to try? Comment below to let me your experience if you have been there, too. And if you like my review, pin the above image 🙂

The Verdict
Food: 3 out of 5
Service: 4 out of 5
Value: 3 out of 5
Ambience: 3 out of 5
Overall score: 3 out of 5

Ruko Puncak Bukit Golf Blok B Unit Q (Opposite Hartono), Pradahkali Kendal Surabaya
Contact: +62 31 9902 0646
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun (11AM to 10PM)

Eat like a local, city walkers!


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