Common Grounds – Galaxy Mall, Surabaya

September 9, 2016
A popular café chain from Jakarta, known for their all day breakfast menu and quality coffee.

A popular café chain from Jakarta, known for their all day breakfast menu and quality coffee.

I was visiting my brothers who are undertaking their studies in Surabaya when I chanced upon this little corner in Galaxy Mall. Located near the escalator on the 2nd floor, Common Grounds Surabaya café is easy to find and quite spacious. It is convenient for those who needs to catch a breather after some shopping. And as for me, its shopping center location is a competitive advantage.

Must try dishes include their famous Eggs Benedict that is known for its fluffy egg muffins and yummy runny egg yolk. I haven’t had the chance to try it, though. I could only recommend its filter coffee, affogatos and helpful barista. Nia and I prefer the Affogato to the Orange Mocha.

Common Grounds Surabaya-14Affogato (IDR 50k) / Orange Mocha (IDR 40k)

Common Grounds Surabaya-10Affogato with Double Espresso Shots, Vanilla Gelato and Crispy Waffle Stick

Common Grounds Surabaya Specialty

Common Grounds Surabaya offers a chic and alfresco inspired dining experience with an open and spacious seating arrangement. Oh, how refreshing it’d be if it were to open in a rooftop area and offers real alfresco dining experience. I would like the bright and natural lighting very much. Wouldn’t an airy and peaceful room filled with rays of sunlight and a cup of filter coffee make a perfect Sunday afternoon?

However, it’s located right besides the escalator in a crowded shopping center. I wouldn’t (actually, I couldn’t) consider the café cosy. Mostly because of the dark lighting and its wooden furniture. Common Grounds Surabaya chic decor certainly makes a good hangout choice, though – and a luxurious one at that.

Common Grounds Surabaya-5Common Grounds Surabaya-6Common Grounds Surabaya-7

A Place For Coffee Enthusiasts

Having tasted Melbourne’s finest brews is a sin, indeed. Sadly, though Indonesia is known for its world-class coffee beans, coffee making processes are not highly regarded in the country. Not yet, at least.

With the growing interests and appreciation for coffee, coffee-making processes and professions are enjoying their share of fame. While there are many places in Jakarta offering classes and tasting sessions, the concept is still new to most in Surabaya and other smaller cities.

Being easily accessible to a wide range of markets from family to expats, Common Grounds Surabaya is an easy way out for any coffee lovers to gain access to not only quality beans, but also equipment needed to make filter coffee at the comfort of their homes.

Common Grounds Surabaya-4 Common Grounds Surabaya-3

So.. What do you think? Does Common Grounds Surabaya sounds like something you’d love to try? Let me know your experience if you have been there, too. And if you like the review, pin it below.

The Verdict
Food: 3 out of 5
Service: 3 out of 5
Value: 3 out of 5
Ambience: 3 out of 5
Overall score: 3 out of 5

Common Grounds Surabaya
 Galaxy Mall 2nd Floor,  Surabaya
Contact: +62 857 3055 5506
Opening Hours: Everyday (10AM to 10PM)

Eat like a local, city walkers!


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