Catching Up With Shaun

September 30, 2015

Always a good time ticking off my Melbourne To Do list with this one.

After a few failed attempts, finally I get to catch up with this old friend. Spent the day chatting, walking from South Yarra Station to St Kilda Beach (yes, we’re fabulous like that), exploring Lygon Street, and of course eating!

Though he’s grown weak, we munched down heaps at Rendezvous Hotel breakfast buffet, tried almost everything at Yo-Chi‘s before settling with 6 flavours frozen yoghurt (that’s half of what they have by the way), and wrapped the day with CJ Lunch Bar‘s signature Chicken Cheese Bulgogi and Seafood Pancake. It was lots of fun! (Click arrows on the photos to navigate the gallery).

I’m so looking forward to meeting the rest of the clique in November! Miss you much, xx.

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