Catching A Wedding In Singapore

December 10, 2015

Hot days like this throw me back to dearest Natalie’s wedding in Singapore a couple of weeks ago. Besides nothing seems more appropriate than a throwback post on a Thursday, right?

Natalie's Wedding

One of the loveliest girls I have ever known held her wedding luncheon in Singapore a couple of weeks back. I’m extremely honoured to be present and of help for this dearest lady on such a special day.

Honestly, I don’t know anyone with a bigger and more sincere heart than hers. I have never met anyone as kind, caring and pure as Natalie. May be because she’s the youngest in our group. May be it’s just in her nature to be such an angel and full of love. She’s the kind of person every girl would envy for all her beauty, inside out.

Knowing her for the past 7 (or has it been 8?) years has been a blessing. I can still recall our roller coaster graduation trip to Taiwan. What jokes we were. I’m glad you’ve found your knight in shining armour and happily ever after, my dear. And all of us jokes couldn’t help but feel the need to excessively celebrate for you and of course feel a little emotional that day.

Natalie's WeddingNatalie's Wedding

2 more days to the bigger celebration in Bangkok. I wish I could be there with you too this time but I couldn’t. Hope you had another wonderful day celebrating with your loved ones. I’ll visit you one day, alright? Don’t cry again while giving your speech, and please please please let me have the flowers! Throw the flowers to Melbourne! I need that extra help.

Hot days really remind me of the happy time spent with my lovely friends back in Singapore. They remind me of the beautiful wedding and the hot shoot (not only Natalie’s but also Siqi’s). The happiness and emotions everyone shared with each other. They remind me of home.

Natalie's WeddingNatalie's Wedding

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