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Bigbang MADE World Tour Melbourne Soundcheck Fan Account

November 2, 2015
Fan videos and accounts of Korean popular group, Bigbang MADE World Tour 2015 in Melbourne Soundcheck.

The biggest K-Pop act finally made their way to Melbourne and I couldn’t be happier to finally see my favourite bad boys live! It’s still hard to move on and I know I am not alone so let’s reminisce and indulge in my favourite moments from the intimate soundcheck.

Fan videos and accounts of Korean popular group, Bigbang MADE World Tour 2015 in Melbourne Soundcheck.

Having been to numerous concerts in the past, I have a good idea how standing tickets are not meant for petite girls like me. However, getting a ticket to a world renown band was no easy feat. Though I didn’t intent to get the expensive VIP package, it’s just how things turned out in the end. And the only way to make myself felt better was the soundcheck included in the package.

Stated to begin at 4.30PM till 5.30PM, I had imagined it to be some sort of concert rehearsals hence would almost count as another ‘concert’ on its own. It’d all be worth it, Lya. I convinced myself over and over.

So, the day finally come and I did what I otherwise wouldn’t. For Bigbang. Queued up for hours in the cold, was shivering so bad (you’ll notice it in the video, didn’t realise I was shaking so bad sorry!) by the time the soundcheck started, which was delayed to about 5.30PM.

The soundcheck went on for almost 12 minutes, the boys sang 3 songs – “We Like 2 Party”, “Bang Bang Bang” and “Bae Bae”, and that’s it. Off they went to prepare for the real concert. Naturally, I was utterly disappointed because it was a lot shorter than what I expected.

Nevertheless, it was an intimate and unique experience with Bigbang. In such a short period I got to see G-Dragon and T.O.P without their make up on, Daesung’s colgate smile and Taeyang’s hairy legs as well as listen to Seungri’s endless ramblings and broken English.

Find out the highlights of my happy and personal experiences with the boys at the soundcheck below. But don’t take my words for it. I am probably delusional so feel free to help me decide and see the videos for yourself.

We Like 2 Party

I would never forget Taeyang’s sweetly beautiful voice as he opened the soundcheck with We Like 2 Party.

Bang Bang Bang

Probably had romantic eye contacts with Taeyang when he lied down on the bridge, pointed to a girl next to me and offered the mic to my direction at 00:25. It was a lot of fun singing with the talented idol until the insane crowd suddenly pushed me. What a terrifying experience.

It seems like Daesung looked and pointed at me at 02:43, and even smiled at the camera for a split second at 02:58. Please tell me I am not hallucinating.

Bae Bae

Seungri was probably looking at the stairs during at 01:34 but a girl can dream, right? Speaking about Seungri, I’ve an anecdote to share. During the concert he pointed to and smirked at my direction where two pretty girls stood before me. Was taken aback for a second but then I realised it’s Seungri and I shouldn’t misunderstand. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted all my fancams during the concert so I have no evidence to support my statement.

That split second when the mighty G-Dragon momentarily stare into your camera and charm his way through your heart at 02:18.

Bonus: Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips Performance

Taeyang’s sweet voice and incredible ad-lib melts every girl in the arena that night.

If only life comes with a rewind button…

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