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Beast “Ordinary” Fan Meet In Melbourne Fan Account

December 5, 2015

After nearly 5 years, I’ve finally seen 6 gorgeous Beast boys again, this time in Australia. Couldn’t be happier to catch their “Ordinary” Fan Meet in Melbourne on 2 December 2015. Read on to find out what happened at the fan meet.

Caught Beast "Ordinary" Fan Meet in Melbourne on 2 December 2015. Find out what happened at the fan meet here.

The six stunning boys intimately performed and interacted with the crowd, living up to their immense expectations and creating a happily ever after for everyone present.

Extremely pleased to see their unchanging persona, smiles, puppy eyes and talents. Though it was apparent that all six of them were exhausted from the 12 hours journey to Melbourne, they showed their professionalism by giving nothing but their best, offering the finest fan service anyone could ever asked for. Unfortunately, the sound system didn’t live up to expectations causing Kikwang and Yoseob to frequently head backstage.

Beast Melbourne Fan Meet 10

My favourite part was of course the High Touch event after the concert! Melbourne Beauties ended up shaking hands with them and it’d be really nice if we could comfortably do so. We were rushed and stared at by the security and as a result felt extremely nervous. Hyeunseung looked sleepy, exhausted and out of the world. He was grabbing Ana’s hand and were curiously and blankly staring at her rings. When I greeted him with annyeonghaseyo, he plainly replied with his beautiful voice.

On contrary, Dongwoon was surprised when I greeted him with annyeonghaseyo as he initially said hi. Super cute! Wish I had the courage to converse with him here but I moved on and said thank you to Dujun who looked tired but was still enthusiastic. I wasn’t paying attention to Junhyung really, my eyes were fixed at the beautiful tattoo on his arms. He must have felt really hot since he kept moving and wiping his sweat.

Kikwang’s puppy eyes greeted me next with a familiar smile. He looked real cute, there’s no way anyone could resist his charms. Didn’t get to see his eye smile though since he was exhausted and sleepy like the rest of the members. Yoseob wasn’t in a very good mood, I reckon the sound system contributed to it. I was walking away when I realised that he was still holding my hand. Looking back at him who wearily showed off his dimples while holding my hand and staring at me for a split second, I gently pulled away. He smiled at me and there’s something melancholic about his smile then.

It all felt like they happened in slow motion, like I was a part of a typical Korean drama scene and was about to turn into Cinderella.

I didn’t.

I shouldn’t have cared about the security. Should have just stood there staring at his beautiful face. Should have comfortably talked to him, teased him and lightened his mood. I kept thinking of a million things I should have done then. But regretting wouldn’t change a thing now, would it? After all, life is no Korean drama.

Beast Melbourne Fan Meet 103

All in all, it was a lovely and intimate experience with the Beast boys. I certainly enjoyed myself (though not as much as I’d love to as I was busy documenting), I’m sure most Beauties did too.

Even so, I hope fans would pay more attention to their safety in the future. It’s understandable that everyone was excited to see the stunning boys but groping them and pushing fellow fans are really not okay. Both Beauty and Beast could get hurt as a result. We wouldn’t want that to happen, would we? Hence, I hope everyone would be more mindful in that aspect.

If you’d like, you can read about the 6 things I love most about the fan meet here. More photos are available here and here.

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