Bakso Lestari, Samarinda

August 19, 2016
One of the best bakso (Indonesian style beef meatballs) in Samarinda, Borneo. Must try!

When it comes to meatballs, popularly known as bakso in Indonesia, my sister and grandma are the expert. They would try the different places including stalls by the roadside and carts that pass by but Bakso Lestari remained their favourite.

One of the best bakso (Indonesian style beef meatballs) in Samarinda, Borneo. Must try!

One Of The Best In Town

Bakso Lestari used to be my grandmother’s favourite because it was closer to our house compared to other good bakso place. She used to get it almost every Thursday, so my siblings and I used to have it for dinner all the time when we were little. Both my sister and grandmother said it tasted better on Thursday – the cook was probably better on that day. That was a weird ritual, wasn’t it?

When we visit during study breaks, Nia would occasionally ask for Bakso Lestari. Without caring about the day (the cook has changed anyway), we’d visit the shop to satisfy her craving. But personally I’d prefer to take away because of the place is dark and uncomfortable. The soup has become plain and the meat is often tough, too. As a result, we don’t frequent Bakso Lestari anymore. May be it’s because we’ve grown accustomed to its competitors’ savoury soup and chewy meatballs. Still.. for old times sake.

Bakso Lestari Samarinda-2Bakso Lestari Samarinda-1Bakso Lestari Samarinda-3 Bakso Lestari Samarinda-4

The Verdict
Food: 2.5 out of 5
Service: 2.5 out of 5
Value: 3 out of 5
Ambience: 2.5 out of 5
Overall score: 2.5 out of 5

Bakso Lestari
Jl. Urip Sumoharjo, Samarinda
Contact: +62 811 5822 853
Opening Hours: Everyday (9.30AM to 10PM)

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