Cape Schanck: Aurora Hunting Trip In Victoria

November 1, 2015

I do have a thing for anything spontaneous but didn’t think it’d ever include an impromptu aurora hunting in Victoria, Australia in the middle of a weekday night. Read on to find out how many shooting stars I saw during our travel to Cape Schank.

One night after our cooking ritual at Bianca’s place, we were casually talking about Stevani’s aurora hunting plan. It started as a joke but thank God for these spontaneous souls who quickly turned our baseless words into actions in the midst of work, deadlines and exams. Off we went an hour later – battling work and assignments with our MacBooks at the back of the car.

Aurora Hunting Cape Schanck 1

Sea Of Stars

Catching a glimpse of Aurora Australis, popularly known as the Southern Lights wasn’t as easy as expected. Though the forecast stated it’d be the clearest night during the week to see the aurora, unfortunately it was foggy and we didn’t catch a thing. It wasn’t a wasted trip though, we had a great time stargazing and documenting the beautiful moments spent with each other among the stars. Thank you amazing and multi-talented photographer (and driver) friends for making this possible!

Unexpectedly, I also managed to catch 4 beautifully mesmerizing shooting stars that night! Don’t ask me what I wished for, please. Barely had a second to immerse in its beauty, let alone think of a rational wish. Given enough time I’d probably wish for enough happiness to last a lifetime.

Aurora Hunting Cape Schanck 2

Where To Go

Location wise, in my opinion Cape Schanck isn’t a good venue for stargazing. I wouldn’t recommend visiting especially if your goal was to infinitely capture the moments because the light from the lighthouse would disturb your photo taking process.

Great Ocean Road and Grampians would make better choices – my stargazing experiences there were more memorable and impressive. I reckon it’s due to the complete darkness. See it for yourself here.

I’ve also heard great stuff and seen gorgeous pictures of Swan Hill, which is located 4 hours away from Melbourne and is ultra beautiful at night. The only catch is that these places are pretty far from Melbourne, staying over would be highly recommended.

For closer alternative, you can try Barkers Creek Reservoir, which is only 2 hours drive north of Melbourne. I’ve seen nothing but stunning snaps of the scene.

Aurora Hunting Cape Schanck 3

Know any other good spots? Let me know in the comment below.

Photo Credit: Reagan Kurniadwiputra Susanto

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