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Arts Of The Week: Phillip Toledano’s Hope & Fear

August 14, 2016

Introducing Phillip Toledano, a conceptual artist who is known for his socio-political photography and deeply personal works.

Stylising his photographs with serious and somber mood by limiting colours and saturation in his Hope & Fear Photography Series (2004), Phillip Toledano believes that a photograph should be like an unfinished sentence – there should be enough room for questions. I am completely in love with how his simple yet conceptual photographs are stimulating. And considering there’s no Photoshop tricks involved..

Phillip Toledano Hope & Fear 11Phillip Toledano Hope & Fear 6

His projects are not only spectacular but also deeply personal and emotional. Hope & Fear series is a surreal portrayal of America’s worst nightmares through an elaborate use of costume and staging. In each portrait, the subject is subsumed to the extreme into a particular object, which represents a specific societal problem or common anxiety. Phillip Toledano describes Hope & Fear as “the external manifestation of internal desires and paranoia that are adrift in contemporary American society.”

Phillip Toledano Hope & Fear 8Phillip Toledano Hope & Fear 4

Though produced over a decade ago, Hope & Fear is a documentary that still rings true in today’s society. And though each photographs may be interpreted differently by each viewers, they nevertheless suggestively convey powerful messages.

His other notable projects include A New Kind Of Beauty (2008-2010) and America Gift Shop (2008).

Scroll down for more photos, and read more about  Phillip Toledano’s works at his website here.

Phillip Toledano Hope & Fear 10Phillip Toledano Hope & Fear 9Phillip Toledano Hope & Fear 7Phillip Toledano Hope & Fear 2

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