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The City Walker is a food and travel blog dedicated to providing honest, detailed and trusted hyperlocal information on what to do in and out of various cities in Indonesia and Australia. This include reviews about food and dining places, details of countries and cities we travel to, and lifestyle tips and products for an impactful life.

I started The City Walker in September 2015 after running a personal blog of my writing portfolio for about a year. My previous blog was well received, so I was motivated to take on blogging more seriously. Besides, I wanted a platform to share all the food, travel and outfit photos I had on my phone.

After finding success with my top 10 delicious milkshakes in Melbourne to try in once in a lifetime list (which by the way, is still my most successful post today), I managed combining the two blogs into one. Now, I’m having the time of my life sharing about all my food, travel, events and media experiences here.

If you’re new here, head to my food archives and travel archives for a list of all things food and travel or use the navigation bar at the top to explore. Feel free to email me any questions or just to say hello. And.. don’t forget to buzz me on the social media platforms below, too. Let’s be friends!