5 Asian Food To Try at Highpoint New Dining Precinct

July 16, 2015

Weeks back I explored Highpoint Shopping Centre for the first time and satisfied all my Asian cravings at their new casual dining precinct.

They were all delicious, it was hard to choose for 5 best dishes but here they are.

Lucky you Melburnians, the new casual dining and entertainment precinct at Highpoint Shopping Centre is exceptionally designed to present authentic Asian experience. Being a multicultural city, it is never a challenge to find Asian restaurants in Melbourne. The real challenge is to find one that brings Asia right to your table, and Highpoint new eating space does just that.

Get ready to savour your palate with the diverse mix of carefully selected Asian cuisine – from Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Malaysian and Vietnamese. The choices could be overwhelming but fret not; we’re here to help. Here’s our take on the 5 must try Asian food after a good amount of shopping at Highpoint.

1. NeNe Chicken – Swicy (Sweet and Spicy) Fried Chicken

NeNe Chicken’s famous sweet and spicy, popularly known as the Swicy fried chicken is a popular choice for a reason. The batter and the skin of the chicken are crispy and delicious despite being fully coated with a rich sauce. The famous Korean fried chicken franchise contrasts its crunchy batter with its tender and juicy meat, and its mind-blowing how its Swicy chicken remained crunchy and crisp 30 minutes after it was served. We kid you not.

Don’t worry if you are not a big fan of spicy food because NeNe’s Swicy chicken is more sweet than spicy so anyone even those with low tolerance for spicy food is able to enjoy it. For me personally I prefer more intense and spicy food, so NeNe’s Freaking Hot Fried Chicken suits my palate better. The portion serves 2 to 3 people.

2. Tina’s Noodle Kitchen – Chicken Rice Noodle

Being one of the most widespread Sichuan’s food outlets that embrace Australian taste, Tina’s Noodle Kitchen offers a diverse range of Sichuan food menu. As its name suggests, Tina’s Noodle Kitchen best menu that features unique Sichuan taste and flavourful seasonings are mostly noodle-soup based – including the Chicken Rice Noodles.

The Chicken Rice Noodles is not your usual Sichuan style noodle soup. Served in a giant bowl, the dish fortunately comes with a thick and delicious stock soup instead of Sichuan’s famous mega spicy chilli oil soup. Though arguably the best alternative for the light-hearted, unfortunately it is not the best choice if you are searching for authentic Sichuan experience. With meatballs, spam, and fresh vegetables namely tomatoes, mushrooms, bean sprouts and tofu; we must say the soup is an all-rounder for Australian taste. Portion serves 1 to 2 people.

3. Dumpling Plus – Assorted Dumplings

Dumplings are undeniably everyone’s favourite – they are so delicious, disliking them are just impossible. While it’s easy to love them, it could be a challenge to find delicious, homemade and authentic ones that perfectly suit your taste and preference. Like any other dumpling fans, we gladly give Dumpling Plus a try.

We love the homemade taste and freshness of their handmade Steamed Prawn Dumplings and Chicken Shao Mai. Both are wrapped in thin and proportionate layers of dumpling skin, and the Chicken Shao Mai in particular is really soft and moist. Honestly, one of the best dumplings I’ve ever had in Melbourne.

4. Ajisen Ramen – Paik Ramen

When we talk about Asian cuisine of course we can’t miss out on a good ramen, can we?

Owning over 750 branches across the globe, Ajisen Ramen continues to succeed and impress the world with its Tonkotsu Soup also known as the Pork Brisket Bone Noodle Soup. The soup is not only known for its collagen content that is good for the body, but also its delicious and satisfying taste. Reasonably priced, a bowl of Paik Ramen comes with soft noodle and flavourful pork broth. Though the famous ramen empire owes its success to it, frankly the broth was a little salty for my preference. It was worth checking what the hype is all about nonetheless. Serves 1 person.

5. Saigon Square – Grilled Beef

Don’t worry Vietnamese cuisine lovers, there is something for you too! Our favourite dish from Saigon Square is its Char Grilled Beef, there is nothing quite like it really.

Wrapped and grilled in betel leaf, the beef is moist and flavourful, and is well balanced with the sweet spicy sauce. We’d say it’s best-enjoyed shared or served with vermicelli salad, as it could get a little too greasy on its own. The salad would magically help keeping it fresh and light without compromising the rich flavour.

Are you salivating yet? Don’t forget to share your favourite Asian experience with us!

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