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10 Things We Love About BTS Red Bullet Tour in Melbourne

October 1, 2016

The new BTS release reminds me about the things that made me fell in love with the boyband at their first concert in Melbourne 2 years back.

BTS The Red Bullet Tour in Melbourne ended with a bang. It was extremely astonishing and fun. We are so in love with every bit of it and all we want is more! Here are ten reasons why BTS captivated our hearts, minds and souls at the Melbourne concert earlier.

The original article is available on The AU Review Hello Asia. For my fan account of the concert, it’s available here.

1. They are such beautiful creatures.

Cr: Erin Smith for The AU Review Hello Asia

Flawless skin, gorgeous hair, enchanting smiles. They all look even better in real life. We couldn’t help but stare.

2. The Bangtan Style.


Do we need to say more? Their style on and off stage is spot on. And of course the crowd lost it when they took off their jackets and showed some abs.

3. Their professionalism, talents and stage presence are totally bulletproof!


They are more than just good when it comes to live performance. We know that, but still…

We are astonished, very impressed and completely amazed upon witnessing such passionate and perfect stage for ourselves. How can we not when they rocked the stage for 2 hours with 24 tracks, with little rest in between? That was insane BTS and we salute you! You are choego!

4. They are all dedicated, charismatic and captivating performers.


The boys were insanely flawless. Every songs were performed to perfection from the detailed choreography, epic singing and raps. In fact, we dare say that the live concert performances earlier were not only as good as the recording, they were even better! How is that even possible?

They are bulletproof for a reason and that’s why we heart them so…

5. We get to see a different side of them.

Cr: Erin Smith for The AU Review Hello Asia

They once again proved what talented dancers they are – confirming that they are charismatic, sexy and powerful dancing machines on stage… Though they can also be a little clumsy.

Striding into the press conference room, pre-concert, the boys oozed of effortless confidence. Perfect hair, and great style, they all took to their seats. All except for V, who walked into a stool of which then fell into the poster wall behind them. With a few small laughs, everyone was relatively sedated until Rap Monster then dropped the mic from its stand.

6. They slowed down for no one.


The vibe throughout the concert was dope. Never a down moment with the boys. Constantly building up the intensity and creating fun times for the fans, they showed off sexy and powerful dance, fooled around, and most importantly they showed us how they had fun and enjoyed themselves on stage. ARMYs were dancing their heart out.

7. The interactivity and chemistry between BTS and ARMYs are beautiful.


Ensuring fans get the most out of the show, the boys put in a lot of effort in engaging and interacting with their fans through various means including talking in English in between performances and the epic sing-along session during Miss Right with lyrics showing in the background.

Communications and interactions between the bangtan boys and their fans were easily done throughout the concert. Their English is pretty good to be honest (especially RapMon) and it’s adorable how they tried their best to communicate with Melbourne ARMYs. They sure are the cutest and sweetest.

8. Passionate ARMYs.


Melbourne ARMYs surprised BTS boys as they sang along to every songs from the moment the concert started with N.O until when it ended with Attack on Bangtan. Bewildered and proud, BTS endlessly thanked Melbourne and filled the concert hall with happy chatter. When it was not filled with loud chants and fans singing along to the songs that is.

BTS and Melbourne ARMYs were totally in sync and it was such a beautiful sight. Not to mention the I Need U banner fan project prepared like the one in Sydney. We gotta give it to you ARMY, you guys are amazing!

9. The unforgettable War of Hormone and Dope performance.


That cheeky thumb-licking dance, flirty hip thrust and seductive ass slap stopped us from breathing for a while. Now we’ve seen them live, we could die happy. But for now we prefer looping it in our minds. Who’s with us?

10. The emotional VCR at the end.

Cr: Erin Smith for The AU Review Hello Asia

Our hearts were full and warm as the show closed with an emotional video of what seems to be the boys debut and/or practice sessions. Look how far they’ve come.

Thank you BTS for the epic night! We’d really love spending more weekends with you so drop by Australia often. WE NEED U.


If you want to know more about the concert, here’s my fan account of the concert and here’s Ana’s full review of BTS Melbourne concert. Do check out our exclusive interview with the boys too here. And head down to Hello Asia Instagram (@helloasiaau) for more photos and videos. Enjoy 🙂

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Photo Credit: Erin Smith for The AU Review Hello Asia

Till our next K-pop concert, city walkers!


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