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10 Actors & Actresses From Indonesia I Enjoyed Working With

August 4, 2016

Being a writer, I’ve had the chance to meet and chat with some of Indonesian talented actors and actresses for work. Here’s my top 10, not in particular order.

1. Marcel Chandrawinata

Had the chance to hang with the Indonesian actor at the 9th Indonesian Film Festival Australia after party. He was real cool and nice, it was heaps of fun.

Marcel Chandrawinata


2. Tara Basro

Young and vibrant, Tara is super cool and open minded. We had a good time talking about heaps of things from her films and acting career to sneakers and art galleries! Who wouldn’t enjoy her company?

Tara Basro


3. Chicco Jerikho

Charming and charismatic, Chicco is a humble actor from Indonesia. He is down to earth and a pleasure to talk to, and his professionalism is top notch. Can’t wait to see his next project!

Chicco Jerikho


4. Tatjana Saphira

Getting close to her might take some effort because of her shy and quiet personality. But once you’re past that, she’s lovely and easy going.

Tatjana Saphira


5. Chelsea Islan

Being a rising star in Indonesia, I didn’t expect Chelsea to be so open and friendly. While her professionalism is admirable, she was more like a close friend who is full of life and energies. Though we spent most of our time discussing about the Indonesian film industry and her role for Indonesian sitcom Tetangga Masa Gitu, we also talked about a lot of random stuffs like travelling and university life.

Indonesian Artist Chelsea Islan Interview-2


6. Lukman Sardi

Possibly the coolest and most down to earth celebrity I’ve ever had the pleasure meeting. The veteran Indonesian actor and director, and his wife, Lia Lukman were such a pleasure to talk to. I had a good time listening to their funny stories and eye-opening experiences.

Indonesian Artist Lukman Sardi Interview-3


7. Billy Davidson

Billy is friendly and outgoing. He was so easy to talk to, perhaps because we have a few shared interests. Fujifilm cameras and yellow colour, for instance. Or perhaps because we were both born in 1991 so Billy feels a lot like a kind and sincere friend I’d met in university.

Billy Davidson 1


8. Atiqah Hasiholan

Stunning, confident and professional. Atiqah is one strong and admirable woman.

Indonesian Artists Interview-1


9. Rio Dewanto

I’ve always admired Rio’s acting so when I got to see him in person I was too starstruck to talk much to him. Very manly and handsome!

Indonesian Artist Rio Dewanto Interview-5

10. Verdi Soelaiman

Though Verdi rarely act as main leads in Indonesian films, I’ve always enjoyed his roles. He’d always take up those odd characters who’d add humour and values to the entire narrative. He’s one inspiring individual – a gentleman with a friendly and approachable nature, positive mindset and mature outlook.

Verdi Soelaiman

Who’s Your Favourite Indonesian Actor?

Anyone had the chance to meet any of Indonesian actors and actresses on the list? Do they meet your expectations? Did you go “yes, of course,” while reading the list? Let me know in the comment below.

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Till next time, city walkers!


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