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How I Got Into Media

May 28, 2016

Here’s a summary of my journey as a Writer so far – how it all started and who I’ve met along the way.

Back in Indonesia, living in a small town. My past experiences might seem irrelevant. Even so, I don’t think those media interviews and late night writing are entirely in vain.

Looking back, I feel humbled to have met numerous experienced Asian talents, listened to their inspiring stories and gained insights about the industry in person. Saying yes to (almost) every opportunities and trying to learn as much as I could were the reasons behind my slow progress.

Volunteering for Indonesian Film Festival

It didn’t seem possible at first. Being a part of Indonesian Film Festival (IFF) Australia was a life changing experience. Having had only relevant skills and experiences needed for the Hospitality and Tourism industry, I applied for a Media & Marketing role with zero confidence. I’m forever grateful to the 9th IFF Australia team for teaching me so much about the media industry, communications, team work, and good working ethics.

Indonesian Film Festival Australia 3


Writing for Hello Asia

I was majoring Media Communications and Screen Cultural Studies, and I have great interests in Asian entertainment and culture – namely Korean and Japanese popular culture. I happened to miss a talk about Korean Cinematic trends and growth, and decided to email Johnny Au who was one of the speakers for a personal discussion instead. Fortunately for me, Johnny is amazingly kind and is always open to opportunities.  I’ve been writing for Hello Asia ever since thanks to him. Thank you, Johnny!

Beast Fan Meet Melbourne


Building online portfolio

I started building an online portfolio for personal use, without any expectations. Wish I had done it earlier. It turned out to be a great motivation for me to establish a proper website. And here I am.

Lya Portfolio


Publishing a blog

Wholeheartedly nurturing a lifestyle blog had long been in my wishlist. However being a perfectionist, I kept waiting  for the day that I were fully prepared and better at writing before working on one. Realising the damage it did to my development, I decided to go YOLO and launched The City Walker no matter how dissatisfied I am with the end products. Blogging is no easy task, but it could serve as a stepping stone โ€“ one that could lead to greater exposure and opportunities, if you’re willing to put in your heart and soul into it. Besides, tirelessly curating content for the blog is a good way to improve your writing.

The City Walker


Freelance writing and unpaid internship

Taking up freelance writing assignments and unpaid internship could be both enriching and challenging. I was forced try out different types of writing, to write in different styles about varying topics for a different group of readers – all depending on the publications. Though I wasn’t financially compensated for my work, the experiences pushed me to another level.


The City Walker Quote 4


Keep looking for opportunities

I’ve managed to secure a few events coverage opportunities in Melbourne after 6 months of countless emails and late night research. And after 6 months, The City Walker finally hit 15,000 views! Even though I’d try not to focus on numbers, it certainly feels great to see my effort pays off.

Having been to numerous events and interviews, I have the pleasure meeting quite a number prominent industry figures in recent years. I can’t help to anticipate for more exciting opportunities in the future!

By the way, watch this space folks! I’m currently planning on listing some of my favourites talents including Chelsea IslanLukman Sardi, Marchel Chandrawinata and Chicco Jerikho here.


It’s only going up from here..

Though I’m pretty much starting over now that I’m back in Indonesia, I’m hoping and aiming for greater things from here on. Let’s see where this adventure will take me.




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